Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We are particularly sensitive to your expectations in terms of discretion and privacy and for this reason we want to preserve the trust you place in us.

Thus, this cookie policy aims to describe precisely how information collected during your visit to this website is processed and give you the option to configure how those cookies are used based on your preferences.


A cookie is a text file sent from a website and stored on your computer terminal (e.g., computer, smartphone) when a website is consulted from your browser. Most websites use cookies to keep track of visitors.

In short, a cookie allows its issuer to identify a particular terminal, for the duration of the cookie's validity and registration.

According to this definition, any storage means used by the navigation software, such as local storage, session storage, or any other local database, is considered a "cookie".


Cookies facilitate and improve your navigation on our website. Subject to your choice, always, we use cookies on our site to help users navigate more efficiently. They allow you to specify your connection preferences (e.g., language) or to subscribe to online products and services.

Our cookies allow us to establish statistics regarding visits and usage of the different elements that make up our site, so that we can improve the interest and ergonomics of our services and adapt the appearance of our site to the display preferences of your terminal (e.g., display resolution, operating system used) when you visit our site.


In principle, recording a cookie in a terminal is determined by the user. Users can manage cookies in several ways, including through their browser and, for our website, by using the configuration tools described below.

Every browser is configured differently, and your browser’s help menu will tell you how to modify general cookie preferences.

When you have accepted cookies in your browser, the cookies integrated into the content and pages you have viewed may be stored in an ad-hoc space on your computer.

If you reject the registration of cookies in your terminal or remove those already registered in there, several functionalities of our site will no longer be available to you.

Depending on their type, you can set the cookies we use on our site individually. Below you will find a description of each cookie (data collected, purpose of the cookie and storage period of the data) and you can accept or reject their use.

a. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the functioning of the website. These cookies allow you to browse our website and use its features. Therefore, this setting cannot be changed.

Cookies have a maximum retention of 13 months.

b. Analytical cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the website (e.g., number of visits, most visited pages, most viewed content). They allow us to understand our website’s use and performance and compile statistics and traffic to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services.

Cookies have a maximum retention of 13 months.

These cookies are for internal use only.

c. Shared cookies (social network)

Our website contains links to other social media sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) that allow you to share content on our website with others. If you generally agree to the use of cookies or specifically activate them, and if you use these sharing buttons, third-party cookies associated with the relevant social network will be installed. If you are also logged into a social network, the share button enables you to assign the viewed content to your user account.

Google also installs cookies when we grant you access to videos hosted on the YouTube platform.

We remind you that these sites apply their own privacy policy. We also invite you to read it.

Cookies have a maximum retention of 13 months.


When you consent to the use of cookies, this consent is valid for a maximum of 13 months, after which you will be asked to renew your consent. This update may also occur when you connect from another device or change your browser settings, or when the website is updated.