Sunline Fund Management

Fund Management

Fund Management

Sunline runs two types of investment funds. While our in-house funds are open to any investor, our private funds are specifically dedicated to families.

The performance of all funds showcases Sunline’s expertise in active investment. Clients can receive a full breakdown of the holdings and performance of the fund at any time.

Sunline only creates funds where there is a market opportunity in line with our client’s interests.

Funds and themes
Foundations and philanthropy
Alternative investments

Sunline manages four in-house investment funds within a Luxembourg SICAV:

  • The Concorde Leaders’ Portfolio fund is an equity fund focusing on family-run holding companies.
  • The Concorde Patrimonium fund is an asset allocation fund focusing on Europe. The fund provides investors with diversified exposure to European bonds and equities. It aims at long term capital preservation via active hedging.
  • The Red Dot Asian Portfolio fund is an Asian asset allocation fund. The fund invests in both stocks and bonds in the Asia-Pacific region, with a bias toward China and Southeast Asia.
  • The New Horizons Portfolio fund is an equity fund focusing on investing in companies tackling environmental and social challenges.

Together with our legal experts, Sunline is a pioneer in creating, managing, and listing private unit trusts in Singapore.

These special funds encompass the various financial, business and physical assets of one family in a fund that may be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Funds and themes

Selection of partner funds

Shared expertise and ideas with partners recognised in their fields.

Development of a unique selling point

In-house expertise to provide you with ever more direct investment opportunities.

Multi-theme management

Creating value by targeting themes that are high performing in the long term.

Performance monitoring

Responsiveness and direct access to managers, investment committees and governance bodies.

Foundations and philanthropy

Governance structuring and support

Establishment of, or assistance with, governance structures in order to faithfully respect the institution's objectives.

Formalisation of needs

Identifying and overseeing assignments through a tactical allocation aligned with the chosen objectives.

Legal support and solutions

Our expertise in specific areas can support you on projects, assignments or audits.

Reporting and consolidation

Consolidation of financial statements for a clear and detailed view of investments or holdings.


Assistance with implementation

Reviewing the risks of actual exposure based on your initial criteria.

Banking organisation

Audit and determination of needs to define your business activity objectives along with an appropriate jurisdiction.

Cash management

Defining needs and cash flow forecasts to manage your cash according to your projected growth.

Monitoring and accounting

Planning for changes in law and international regulations to ensure optimal accounting.

Alternative investments

Private equity & venture capital

Investing in the future for long-term returns.

Currencies and commodities

Diversifying your investments through exposure to economic cycles and different regions.

ESG investments and Real estate

Taking advantage of opportunities and realising your projects alongside recognised experts.

Alternative credit

Investing in innovative asset classes using in-house expertise or external partnerships.