Sunline Investment process

Investment process

A Disciplined Process

Sunline follows a disciplined investment process. We permanently research and monitor the investment landscape across geographical regions and individual countries. We analyse the political and macroeconomic factors (e.g., inflation, interest rates and exchange rates), the performance of and investor sentiment towards different types of assets (bonds, equities, currency, commodities) and industrial sectors.


Valuation of securities

Scrutinise shortlist vs existing holdings:

Strength vs Weakness
Overvalued vs undervalued by the market
Time horizon


Buy securities with growth potential/balanced portfolio
Sell securities with weak performance/reach sell price

Continual monitoring &
adjustment of portfolio

Scrutinize performance and outlook for all holdings
Active investment in new opportunities

Global research

Regional outlook Asia vs rest of world.
Outlook for key countries
Macroeconomic factors
Political factors

Investment assessment

Identify a shortlist of potential securities:

Company shares
Government bonds

Focused analysis

Vertical sectors e.g., retail
Asset classes: bond/equities
Trend, risks, investor sentiment

Tactical asset allocation

Regional balance
Fixed income vs growth
Currency exposure


Weekly investment meeting
Identify: strong/weak markets, countries, sectors
Risk assessment