Wealth Management

Sunline attracts a broad clientele, including private individuals, trust companies, endowments, institutional investors, professional intermediaries and other accredited investors, with widely differing assets and investment requirements. Recognising this, we establish client mandates – agreed objectives, guidelines and risk tolerance – around two types of investment services: discretionary and non-discretionary.

Wealth planning
Portfolio strategy
Management mandates
Additional services

Non-discretionary relationship

For clients who are active investors but require our expertise to identify market opportunities and risks, Sunline offers a non-discretionary mandate. Our professionals know the client’s portfolios and will interact with the client based on his areas of interest and existing portfolios. The final investment decision remains with them.

Discretionary portfolio management

The most common of our customer relationships, discretionary management, entrusts the day-to-day management of a client’s invested assets to Sunline. This empowers our investment managers to use their expertise to the full, always acting within the agreed mandate and offering regular itemised reports, giving our clients more time to run their other affairs.

Wealth planning

Wealth structuring

Choosing the appropriate structure depending on how you hold your assets.

Estate planning

Preparing for the transfer of wealth between generations in the best possible conditions.

Tax and legal aspects

Planning for legal and tax developments in a constantly changing world.


Optimising your tax residence based on developments in your personal life or business activity.

Portfolio strategy


Comprehensive coverage and ranking of objectives.

Approach and management

Analysis of your needs and detailed bespoke management.

Asset allocation

Applying the appropriate investment strategy and putting together your portfolio.

Skills and experts

Development of a close relationship with a manager dedicated to monitoring your investments.

Management mandates

Determining your needs

Guidance in an increasingly technical environment.

Discretionary mandate

Drawing on the skills and financial analysis of our expert managers.

Advisory mandate

Providing sophisticated investors with our expertise and oversight.

Managers and support

Trusted partners in managing your wealth at each stage of your life.

Additional services

Accounts and custodians

Dealing with banking, administrative, technical or legal procedures.

Digital services

Access to your investments and relevant information at any time.

Credit solutions

Advice and support on your personal or professional projects (mortgages, Lombard loans, etc.).

Publications and content

Information and advice on markets, trends and international economic conditions.