Sunline Family Office

Family Office

Family Office

Family governance and financial management cannot be improvised. Sunline helps you identify your financial assets’ scope and fully understand the private and family sphere. We provide objective and necessary support in identifying your needs and determining your financial objectives.

Wealth structuring
Investment and monitoring
Consulting and reporting
Services and logistics

Wealth structuring

Wealth engineering

Identifying the actual scope of your assets and your family investment universe.

Estate planning

Generational succession planning based on the specific requirements of members of your family.

Legal characteristics

Verifying legal and tax restrictions based on your objectives.

Family governance

Setting up an organisational platform within the Family Office.

Investment and monitoring

Positioning and strategy

Applying a consistent philosophy and realising your objectives.

Cost optimisation

Targeting essential needs and negotiating with all partners.

Recommendations and guidelines

Diversification of managers, choice of banks and product analysis.

Skills and experts

Assessment of external managers in accordance with the mandate granted and review of strategies.

Consulting and reporting

Risk/return ratio

Reviewing the risks of actual exposure based on your initial criteria.

Control over investments

Reviewing strategies and identifying arbitrage opportunities.

Coordination and consolidation

Considering all your assets in the round.

Reporting and accounting

Analysing consolidated reports on your financial position and the available options in line with the family's objectives.

Services and logistics

Administrative assistance

Interacting with our trusted partners as necessary.

Provision of premises

Making use of our facilities for greater ease and flexibility.

Project management

Strengthening family cohesion around a shared professional or philanthropic project.

Organisation of events

Working on your projects using our network of professionals in accordance with your objectives.