Sunline Expertise



Wealth Management

Sunline attracts a broad clientele, including private individuals, trust companies, endowments, institutional investors, professional intermediaries and other accredited investors, with widely differing assets and investment requirements. Recognising this, we establish client mandates – agreed objectives, guidelines and risk tolerance – around two types of investment services: discretionary and non-discretionary.

Wealth planning
Portfolio strategy
Management mandates
Additional services

Family Office

Family governance and financial management cannot be improvised. Sunline helps you identify your financial assets’ scope and fully understand the private and family sphere. We provide objective and necessary support in identifying your needs and determining your financial objectives.

Wealth structuring
Investment and monitoring
Consulting and reporting
Services and logistics

Asset Management

Balancing boldness and stringency, value creation is a crucial aspect of our approach. Sunline helps you develop your plans through its experts’ economic and geopolitical analysis. Our research allows you to build your understanding of different investment universes and thereby benefit from future growth.

Funds and themes
Foundations and philanthropy
Alternative investments

Fund Management

Sunline runs two types of investment funds. While our in-house funds are open to any investor, our private funds are specifically dedicated to families. The performance of all funds showcases Sunline’s expertise in active investment. Clients can receive a full breakdown of the holdings and performance of the fund at any time. Sunline only creates funds where there is a market opportunity in line with our client’s interests.

Funds and themes
Foundations and philanthropy
Alternative investments

A Disciplined Process

Sunline follows a disciplined investment process. We permanently research and monitor the investment landscape across geographical regions and individual countries. We analyse the political and macroeconomic factors (e.g., inflation, interest rates and exchange rates), the performance of and investor sentiment towards different types of assets (bonds, equities, currency, commodities) and industrial sectors.