Sunline is a financial-services firm established in Singapore, since 2007. We are trusted to manage the financial affairs of high-net-worth individuals, families, trust companies and institutions.


The reputation of Sunline Wealth Management is founded on the extensive financial, business, and investment expertise of our practitioners. We are uniquely placed to help clients structure their wealth, and build an investment portfolio that is respectful of the client profile, objectives and tax environment.


In addition, Sunline also manages Collective Investment Schemes. The in-house funds can be separated into two categories – the private funds are dedicated to a specific group of investors such as the members of one family, while the other type of funds are opened to Sunline’s clients and accredited investors. The objective of the latter group of funds is for clients to benefit from Sunline’s expertise on a specific asset class or region. For its in-house clients, the funds are used as a tool to increase the efficiency of portfolio management and allow the managers to be more dynamic and reactive, as a single transaction can impact many portfolios. Sunline always ensures that in-house clients are not charged with several layers of management fees. Sunline manages four funds which are opened to in-house clients and external accredited investors.


The company is wholly privately owned, and run by two Swiss families. This is the base of its independence.


Sunline is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is a member of the Association of Independent Wealth Managers (AIWM) Singapore.


As holders of a Capital Markets Services Licence CMS100332-1 under the Singapore Securities and Futures Act, we are able to offer wealth-management services only to tax compliant accredited investors; to create and manage investment funds.


Independent & transparent

Our pricing structure is transparent and our clients benefit directly from the conditions that we are able to obtain from our service providers (depository banks, investment funds, etc.). Sunline never takes a commission or financial incentive from any bank, broker or third party, and has no commercial ties to any particular financial-services provider. This means investment decisions are based solely in the interest of each client and the investment objectives defined by the client.

Bespoke service

Circumstances, requirements and wealth of every Sunline client differ greatly. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of a client’s financial situation, including their objectives and risk profile, in order to build an individually tailored, performance driven, tax-efficient wealth strategy that focuses on long-term growth that can protect the interests of clients and their heirs.

Personal relationships

Sunline prides itself on its long-term relationships with clients. Our dedicated wealth managers and family experts know their client’s estate, family and business intimately. Our professionals are always available to offer guidance and to help tackle any issue faced by clients.

Monitoring & transparency

We rigorously monitor and adjust the portfolio to ensure it matches the investment profile objectives set out in the client’s mandate. Clients can receive a full statement with a detailed breakdown of their assets. Clients are regularly updated in person on the state of their finances and receive regularly, or on request, a detailed report on the performance.

Trust & confidence

Against a backdrop of uncertainty in financial markets and a breakdown of trust within the banking sector, it is reassuring for clients to know that the interests of their asset managers are closely aligned with their own. We only engage with solid institutions that share our values in financial best practice and customer privacy.