Sunline runs two types of investment funds. The in-house funds are open to any of our clients to invest in, while the private funds are created specifically for the members of one family.


The performance of all funds showcases Sunline’s expertise in active investment. Clients can receive at any time a full breakdown of the holdings and performance of the fund.


Sunline only creates funds where there is a proven market opportunity, and when it is in the interests of our clients to do so.


Sunline operates four in-house investment funds:


The Concorde Leaders’ Portfolios fund is an equity fund focusing on family run holding companies. The fund takes a value approach and compares the market value with the value of a company’s underlying participations to determine if the share trades at a discount to the sum of its parts. The fund invests in the OECD countries, Hong Kong and Singapore.


The Concorde Value & Conviction fund is an equity fund with a concentrated portfolio investing in global equities. The aim of this fund is to showcase Sunline’s high convictions.


The Concorde Patrimonium fund is an asset allocation fund with a focus on Europe. The fund provides investors with a diversified exposure to bonds and equities. The Patrimonium fund aims to balance the objective to increase value with long-term capital preservation.


The Red Dot Asian Portfolio fund is an Asian asset allocation fund. The fund provides clients with an opportunity to benefit from Sunline’s investment expertise in Asian markets, while maintaining a balanced portfolio of bonds and equities. Mixed asset allocation helps deliver solid returns with lower risk in a volatile region.


Sunline, together with our legal experts, are pioneers in the creation, management and listing of private unit trusts in Singapore.


These specialist funds encompass the various financial, business and physical assets of one family, collected in a fund that is quoted on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The shares in the fund are held by family members, so all can benefit from the profits from the fund.